Will this be the year the Sting or the Pirates can knock off the Jammers?  Is this the year the Jammers don’t try? Could the Trappers make a run? How about those high schoolers that only managed to pull off one win last year?  All these questions and more are answered below.

2016 was a record setting year in the MWL. We had the second most rookie filled season in league history, a brand new franchise, the completion of the “3-peat” by the Jammers starting in 2014. The second year in which we did a one weekend event was as big of a hit as it was in 2015 and we can expect a similar setup for 2017.

But what goes down on that weekend in Summer of 2017 is anyone’s guess. One of the most intriguing storylines we will follow is where the Sting and the Pirates land at the end of the season. Will 2017 finally be the year that they get over the hump and bring home a championship?  The Sting and the Pirates franchises have combined to appear in each of the last three Championship series, falling to the Jammers each time.  Both teams have proved to be the only true contenders for the title outside of the Jammers. Roster additions made in 2016 strengthened both individual rosters, but it wasn’t enough to dethrone the winningest team in MWL history. What will they do in the offseason to give themselves a better chance at bringing home the trophy?  We’ll have to wait and see. 

Speaking of the Jammers, will we finally see a more relaxed team come to the plate in 2017?  What is left for them to accomplish other than having a good time on the field?  A reliable source says that this is all up in the air for how seriously the Jammers will take the 2017 season, but assures us that he was also unsure how serious they took the league each of the last 2 years. To each their own, though, and the Jammers are looking to continue their historic run of not losing a Wiffleball game in over 2 years with over 20 wins in a row since 2014. 

 One of the league’s oldest franchises is the Trappers. Since 2009, the Trappers have not won an important game in the MWL. They usually preform above average in the regular season, only to fall apart when the playoffs begin.  Do they have the roster talent to achieve the ultimate goal? I’m don’t believe they do. I don’t believe they believe they do. I don’t think they’re that far off, though. One or two key additions to their pitching rotation would make them instant contenders. 

And how about the new kids on the block?  The Riverdogs crashed into the league and made a statement.  I’m going to ignore their win-loss record for the purpose of this writing. When we take away this record and think about if they made an impact their first year the answer is a definitive “yes”.  If I asked most of you right now how many games they won, you wouldn’t remember and rattle off “a couple” or “probably 2 or 3” proving that people will remember them as a legitimate team in the MWL. They came in as a team you didn’t truly have to worry about, and put in a great weekend’s worth of work.  Unfortunately their best game came a day late as they took the Sting into extra innings in playoff Wiffleball. We all know the intensity skyrockets on day 2 of our season, and for these young kids to hang in with 7 year vets is impressive to say the least.  I legitimately see them making another splash in 2017 if they decide to come back and play. 

The 2017 season is approaching fast and we can’t wait to see what we are talking about this time next year!  See you all soon.

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