This week we’re focusing on one of the most under appreciated teams in the Mequon Wiffleball League. The Sting has been a rough franchise for over 5 years now, dating all the way back to the Diablos days back at Carriage Court Yards. Only recently have we seen MWL Hall of Famer Spencer Hosseini, take the reigns as manager of the franchise.  Within these two seasons, the Sting (Ball Hogs in 2015) have had both a semi final appearance and a championship game appearance that both resulted in losses.

     Spencer won Manager of the Year for keeping his team together, and his offseason pickups of Peter Birder in 2016. To make sure talent like MWL All-Star Aaron Garza, and Golden Hands winner Joey Wacha returned to the Sting was an important step to keep championship hopes alive. Birder did enough at the plate to earn his spot in the conversation of a pretty full Rookie of the Year pool. Although he didn’t win the award, it was still a great addition to an already accomplished team.  

     The smash bros of Garza and Spencer lit up the hitting categories for the second year in a row. They put up 96 runs in 2016 the second most runs scored in the league (Jammers 99), but were doomed by their achilles heel, pitching. The Sting gave up almost 30 runs more than any other team (113 total) so their pitching needs to be something addressed in 2017 if they want to have any serious contention against teams that can put runs on the board.

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