Mequon Wiffleball League

Official Rules (2017)


League Rules

FORMAT: Game schedule will depend on number of teams in the league.  Given there are four teams, each team will play each other twice during the "regular season" (Saturday) and be seeded for the playoffs on Sunday based on their performance on Saturday.

ROSTERS: Managers must officially submit rosters to Commissioner Mike Boyles no later than the assigned deadline (July 13th 11:59PM). Roster must contain no more than 7 players including one on the Disabled List.

Playing Equipment

BALL: Only baseball sized Wiffle ball brand balls will be used. (8 holes)

BAT: Only unaltered "Classic Yellow" Wiffle bats are to be used. Bats may be taped on the molded grip area.

BASES AND PITCHERS PLATE: All bases will be 45 feet apart, the front edge of the Pitcher's Plate will be 45 feet from the back point of home plate, 47.5 feet from the base of the strike board.

Game Rules

GAME LENGTH: Games will be 5 innings long with 3 outs per half inning or 50 minutes long, whichever comes first.

BALLS/STRIKES: We use a 5 balls for walk, 3 strikes you're out count.

EXTRA INNINGS (regular season): Games that are tied after the first 5 innings or 50 minutes will go into a special extra inning cycle.  The first extra inning will be played as normal. If the game is still tied after the first extra inning, a home run derby will take place to determine the winner of the game.  (SEE FULL RULES FOR FULL BREAKDOWN: LINE 55)

PITCHERS CIRCLE FORCE OUT: Pitchers hand will apply to the furthest force out advanced runner that does not beat the pitchers hand rule.